Reflections as a mini-retreat

emerging narcissi

A retreat or a quiet time are terms used to describe time set apart to think, pray and reflect and to reconnect spiritually, for some with life’s circumstances, hopes, dreams, joys and sorrows, for others this might be with God or the Divine. Retreat or reflection time is a gift to enable you to listen inwardly, ‘with the eyes and ears of your hearts’, to recalibrate and become aware of deeper thoughts, to explore spiritual connections and to listen outwardly towards others and the world…

Gardening The Heart has a number of people who enjoy writing reflections on different themes. Click on a theme below to access these.

Seasons in nature and seasons in life

A series of reflections inspired by Jesus example of explaining the Kingdom of God through parables.  We are continually adding to this resource.  Click on each link to read the reflections.