Willow in spring, Otmoor, Oxfordshire

Reflection as a mini-retreat

A retreat or a quiet time are terms used to describe time set apart to think, pray and reflect and to reconnect spiritually, for some with life’s circumstances, hopes, dreams, joys and sorrows, for others this might be with God or the Divine. Retreat or reflection time is a gift to enable you to listen inwardly, 'with the eyes and ears of your hearts’, to recalibrate and become aware of deeper thoughts, to explore spiritual connections and to listen outwardly towards others and the world...

This section offers a variety of resources to support spiritual reflection:

Seasonal Treasure Reflections

Our Seasonal Treasure Reflections, in PPT slide and video MP4 format, are designed for ease of use indoors or outdoors. They include images, short videos, words from the Christian Bible, quotes, poetry, prayers, suggestions for creativity and reflective questions to help you enjoy moments of solitude, or together with others, nurturing your spirituality and wellbeing. Themes are inspired by the seasonal beauty of nature and cultivation in gardens, vegetable plots, fields and woodlands.

Suggestions for creativity are included to encourage you to use materials, whatever you have to hand - perhaps pen, paper, coloured pencils, felt tip pens, paints or musical instruments, to express your response to what you are observing, thinking and feeling. Creative process of all kinds nurtures wellbeing and can facilitate deeper spiritual connections.

Click on the 'Seasonal Treasure Reflections' link above to take you straight to these resources.

Other Reflections

Reflections and other resources inspired by seasons, nature, gardening and creativity are being contributed all the time by different people. Click on the 'Other Reflections' link above to access these.