Benefits of Reflective Gardens

Themed reflective gardens offer enrichment of many aspects of learning, spirituality and community life.

digging in the manure

digging in the manure

Enriching partnerships between churches and schools and other community groups. Parable Garden provides resources and practical help for churches to creatively support their local schools in enriching RE, Christian ethos, character education collective worship and reflection. Equally schools can benefit from partnership development and use of a themed reflective garden with their local church or community group. Read more…

Gardening for all age groups, brings a new awareness of the changing seasons, with their positive and negative influences on plant growth, as well as a great sense of reward. Together, the seasons make up a complete year, and can illustrate different stages of journeying through our lives.

Supporting character and values education and spiritual development for all ages through creativity and gardening – gardening the heart. Practical gardening skills can bring fresh insights and meaning, such as cultivating vines linked to Jesus’s key teaching on abiding in the vine. Jesus speaks of himself as the vine and his people being the branches, and that that they need annual pruning. A vine needs to be pruned to make it fruitful with large bunches of grapes. Without pruning, a vine grows lots of foliage and small bunches of grapes.

Parallels in life and aspects of Christian, as well as other forms of spirituality can be drawn from gardening. Seeing something grow or enabling seeds to grow to maturity, or a bare patch of ground come to life, filled with a variety of blooms, insects and butterflies, and the metaphors that they embody can deepen understanding of spiritual journey. The gardening process also brings people of all ages a great sense of achievement and joy.