Reflective Garden Designs

Reflective Garden Designs

Themed Reflective Gardens, reflecting ethos and values, don’t have to be purposefully designed, instead can be part of an existing garden with creative interpretation. A purposefully designed themed reflective garden offers more opportunities for reinforcing school ethos and values in accessible and creative ways,  as well as nurturing spirituality and wellbeing outdoors.

Sample south-facing Parable Prayer Garden

IMG_2518 sm

south-facing garden

The entrance is on the north-facing wall opening onto a vine growing on the south-facing wall. A curved bark mulch path leads up to a central water feature, for example a solar-powered fountain in a pebble pool. A corner pergola offers shade and support for the vine in the summer, and place for bird feeders in the winter, once the vine has been pruned back.

On one side of the path there is small meadow area, planted with grasses, herbs and wild flowers. On the other side of the path there is space to grow a variety of salad crops and spring bulbs

Irregular plot North East facing: 


An irregular plot c.10 x 7 metre area

The entrance is on the south-facing wall  beneath a pergola. A vine grows across the corner pergola in a sheltered mostly south-facing corner. The vegetable and salad wheel is planted with vegetable that grow well in semi-shade. The meadow area is in a sunny position with a water-feature off-centre.