Creative Farm Walks

Farm ‘Walks with the Creator’

Gardening the Heart are delighted to partner with farmers in hosting tailor-made seasonal reflective farm walks inspired by the unique landmarks and features on their farm.

tracks in the frost

tracks in the frost

Many times Jesus used illustrations from nature and the language of farming in his teachings to awaken inquiry and impress His truth upon people’s hearts. Time outdoors and opportunity to reflect creatively will allow both adults and children to explore the parables and help them understand these spiritual truths more clearly than just reading from scripture.

Themes for reflective walks can include:

  • Abiding– reflections on John 15 using the grapevine or other fruit trees in an orchard
  • Consider the birds and lilies– reflections on Matthew 6 in a wildflower meadow or habitat where flowers and birds are common.
  • Stepping into the Story – reflections on the Parable of the Sower. Different areas of the farm could be used, for example a field of wheat or barley, a set aside area, stony path.
  • Reflecting His Glory – reflections on the journey of transformation from caterpillar to butterfly in areas of the farm where there are suitable butterfly habitats, for example meadows, woodland rides and glades.
  • Waiting – a key to empowerment in the spiritual life – a reflection on the psalms and the image of a waiting heron, using ponds, lakes or rivers where herons are present.
  • Restoration -‘The Lord is my shepherd’- reflection on Psalm 23 on farms where sheep are grazed.

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