Tree of Life

Tree of Life


Values Tree of Life – Aldermaston C of E Primary

Growing Ethos and Values – Tree of Life Gardens and sculpture projects

Tree of Life is universally recognised as a symbol of spirituality  across many of the world religions.

Within Christianity, the tree of life is a central symbol in the Christian Story featuring in the Garden of Eden in the Old Testament Book of Genesis, and in Paradise, in the New Testament Book of Revelation. In the Christian tradition it is believe to represent Jesus and the Kingdom of God, and provides an accessible and meaningful metaphor through which to explore and communicate ethos, character education and values.

Creative workshops for the whole school community 

Gardening The Heart offers a programme of creative workshops for the whole school community, including parents, governors and the local churches,  exploring the theme of Tree of Life, culminating in the shared making of a tree of life reflective garden or sculpture for the school building or grounds.

Tree of life sculptures can be designed as two or three dimensional pieces for indoor or outdoor display as a feature in the school hall or entrance, in an area already planted with trees, where vegetables are being grown or as a Reflective Garden feature.

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Portfolio of Tree of Life projects: 

Aldermaston C of E Primary School  Values Tree of Life  - whole school and community project- displayed outdoors

Blair Peach Primary School Values Tree of Life - cross-phrase art group ceramics project -  displayed in school hall

St Barnabas C of E Primary - Values Tree of Life - Year 6 transition project- on a moveable trolley for use in assemblies