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Into the Garden – cultivation as a tool for spiritual S136_sm_cover_1024x1024formation’ Rachel Woods, Grove book Spirituality Series 2016

God offers us cultivation and the language of the garden throughout the Bible as vital keys for making sense of kingdom living through intimate relationship with Christ, and for enabling spiritual growth and renewal. In an age when disconnection from creation is growing, this booklet, drawing on current case studies, urges us to return to practical cultivation and re-engage with the metaphors it offers for enriching evangelism and teaching, worship, discipleship, healing and community renewal. Read more…

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10 tales Jesus Told R Buckley10 Tales Jesus Told – Story Rhyme for Young and Old – Ruth Buckley, Thankful Books 2010  ISBN 978-1-905084-22-7

The parables of Jesus are an inspiration to children and adults of any age, anytime and anywhere. Retelling them in rhythm and rhyme adds a new and exciting dimension to stories that we thought we knew.

These tales Jesus told may seem simple at first, simple enough for children, but Jesus meant them to address the complex issues of life that we all face, and there are layers of meaning behind the words that grown-ups will also appreciate.

These poems bring out, in a creative and imaginative way, the realities about God and human beings that Jesus wanted us to know. A must-have book for everyone. To order please email Ruth Buckley:

Ruth Buckley has worked with children and adults in church, Sunday school and schools throughout her life. Her main occupation was as a medical practitioner, but a career break led to her discovering a love of poetry, especially story poems.  Before long she was writing the parables of Jesus in story rhyme and found they were loved by children and adults alike. This is her first book of Bible stories. Ruth lives near Oxford, UK with her husband John.

In this lively and creative book Ruth Buckley sets familiar gospel parables and sayings to rhyming verse. The impact on readers and listeners alike will be profound, making the gospel both memorable and engaging, as well as opening up new insights through the use of rhythm and verse.  This is a wonderful way of retelling timeless gospel truths to a new generation…

Rev Canon Professor, Martyn Percy Principal, Ripon College, Cuddesdon
(Now Dean of Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford)

One of the joys of Jesus parables is the fact that they can be told and retold in so many ways.  Ruth Buckley’s narrative verse brings them to life for young and old alike. I warmly commend them to you. 

The Reverend Colin Fletcher, Bishop of Dorchester