Collective Worship & Reflection

Collective Worship & Reflection


Looking at cloud formations

Gardening The Heart provides fresh ideas and resources to enable Collective Worship and reflection, both indoors and outdoors.

Gardening The Heart's Outdoor Seasonal Reflections nurture spiritual awareness and nature connection for all ages and are inspired by nature, seasons and gardening.


Jesus's Parables and spiritual lessons from nature 

Jesus is understood from the Gospel Books in the Bible as spending much of his time outdoors praying, travelling from place to place teaching, talking with people, healing the sick.  As a creative communicator he used parables based on natural everyday objects and processes to explain theology and the values of the Kingdom of God.

Collective Worship Outdoors encouraging a sense of Wonder and seasonal awareness offers powerful and accessible ways of nurturing children's spirituality and wellbeing. It is vitally important for children of all ages to be given opportunity to connect with nature, its rhythms of growth and renewal, biodiversity in animal and plant life and related ecosystems that support life.

The outdoors offers inspiring opportunities to practice listening and recognising natural sounds, such as those of animals and birds, to be taught how to identify different species.

Encouraging use of the senses and creative activities to develop seasonal awareness and engagement in practical gardening and related therapeutic practice, are inclusive and sustainable ways to support mental, emotional,  physical and spiritual health.


"Ants are creatures of little strength yet they store up food in summer" (Proverbs 30: 25)