Sensory Wonder Walking

Sensory Wonder Walking


Wonder Walking - studying cloud formations

Exploring Jesus's Outdoor Spirituality

Pupils could explore the ways that Jesus modelled how to 'wonder at nature' and use the outdoors to pray and reflect, as well as explain the Kingdom of God using creative story telling with the Parables.

For example, consider the birds of the air and the flowers of the field (Matthew 6) and the Parables of the Sower, the Good Shepherd, the Mustard Seed, the lost sheep.

Wonder Walking Outdoors

'I wonder why?...,  I wonder who?... I wonder what?, I wonder when?... and I wonder how?...questions  are a great way to encourage pupils practice reflection outdoors, when they are being still and quiet or walking outdoors around the school green spaces and reflective garden if there is one.

Take time to explain how silence and stillness helps us to tune in the senses,  to notice and fully experience our surroundings for example: bird calls, insects sounds, wind in the trees, rain, water sounds...

Practice being still and quiet for one minute and ask children to notice how many sounds they can hear, both natural and manmade.  This takes practice so encourage the children to be patient and to keep practicing.

Be still and know that I am God.

Pupils can spend time in a quiet garden participating in stilling and quietening exercises, using their senses to stop, look and listen to become aware of their own sense of spirituality. They can consider virtues and values that they might associate with the experience, such as peace, joy, hope and thankfulness. Simple activities such as listening into silence, smelling scents, seeing shape and colour, touching textures, noticing feelings can be encouraged to help them connect with their natural surroundings and their own spirituality.

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