Benefits and feedback

weeding the garden

weeding and ‘gardening the heart’ exercise

Benefits and feedback

Gardening The Heart’s partnership enrichment of Christian distinctiveness, values and character education and spirituality through nature connection, creativity and gardening is endorsed by school leaders, pupils, staff, Governors, clergy and also SIAMS inspectors.

Benefits of the creative whole school approaches include:

  • Harnessing creative gifts, creating opportunities for pupils, staff, clergy and parents to contribute creative ideas and activities.
  • Affirming creativity within each child and participating adults, through accessible, collaborative creative activities.
  • Nurturing relationships and school community cohesion through shared creativity, team work between children and staff working together across different ages groups, as well as partnership work between schools, local churches and gardening clubs
  • Values rich learning journey – reinforcing Christian values through teamwork, deliberate integration of values in approaches to planned creative and reflective activities.
  • Creative Reflection – integration of accessible reflective activities for different age groups within practical sessions.
  • Continuing framework of support including prayer, facilitated classroom activities, access to online resources, review processes.
  • Prayer for the school community

Parable Garden Treasure Hunting themed day

Launton C of E Primary School 

“It was lovely to see older and younger children partnering together and fully engaging in the different parable-related activities”. 

“I did not see any bad behaviour but noticed a buzz of excitement as the children engaged with the different activities: sowing seeds, making clay models of seeds and birds, painting banners of the four parables and planting fruit trees in the school grounds”. 

“A real sense of a community with both children, teachers and the local vicar joining together and enjoying a day of creative activities relating to the four parables”.

“The activities were nourishing the children and adults both spiritually and emotionally and hopefully they would have a better understanding of the four parables as well as a deeper response from their own hearts”.

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