Seasonal Creativity Workshops

Creativity and Worship

Creativity is a central part of our identity and purpose as human beings that connects us with God as creator. We are all made to be ‘creative’ in the widest sense. Christ-centred creativity brings life to a church community and outreach, as well as healing and nourishment to individual lives. Parable Garden is experienced in supporting churches and related groups in using gardens, outdoor spaces and creativity in worship and community engagement through:

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Grapevine with seating St George's Southall

Interactive talks and creative workshops for all ages as part of all age services or small groups bring fresh approaches to themes such as the parables, creativity, cultivation, the seasons and spiritual journey.  For example we were recently invited to facilitate a carousel of creative reflections for all ages on the theme of 'Into the Garden' St George's Church Southall. Read more...

Creativity in worship and prayer carefully integrated in worship for all ages, can be a powerful vehicle for deepening prayer and worship, and for building community. Making different art forms available as part of congregational worship in the main body of the church with images, art and writing materials enables people of all ages to creatively express their worship to God, and gain insight and understanding, receive healing and restoration. Drawing, collaging and writing materials are inexpensive and accessible to people of all ages.

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The Sanctuary Care Home - seasonal reflection - February Love

Inclusive collaborative projects and artwork inviting people of ages to creatively express their personal response to God as part of the liturgy, can enrich their worship and relationships, both with God and one other. Encouraging children and adults to find materials at home and integrate creativity into personal and family worship deepens discipleship and family relationships. Young mums and toddlers, teenagers and the elderly can benefit from the freedom of engaging in individual and collaborative artwork to express their creativity and explore spirituality in accessible ways.  

For examples of recent church projects click here...

Each little flower that opens...collaborative collage

All things Bright and Beautiful - collaborative collage, St Mary's Charlbury, Oxfordshire

Seasonal Gardening and reflection on the parables can be creatively used to as practical tools for discipleship - 'Gardening the heart'. Tilling the earth and cultivating a vegetable patch in a garden or allotment can be used creatively to consider more deeply Jesus teaching on the Kingdom of God, for example the Parable of the Sower.

Gardening activities planting seeds, watering, pruning and harvesting engaged with spiritually can help people of all ages find their own ways of communicating with God. Group activity and reflection can work well for example harvesting and pruning a vine reveals deeper truths from Jesus's teaching on the The Vine in John 15.

  • Story-telling outdoors alongside gardening– for example the parables of Jesus
  • Walks with the Creator - active reflections on selected themes
  • seasonal reflection through creativity and gardening