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Grove booklet - Into the garden

S136_sm_cover_1024x1024Into the Garden - cultivation as a tool for spiritual formation and community renewal

God offers us cultivation and the language of the garden throughout the Bible as vital keys for making sense of kingdom living through intimate relationship with Christ, and for enabling spiritual growth and renewal. In an age when disconnection from creation is growing, this booklet, drawing on current case studies, urges us to return to practical cultivation and re-engage with the metaphors it offers for enriching evangelism and teaching, worship, discipleship, healing and community renewal.

Into the Garden - Cultivation as a Tool for Spiritual Formation and Community Renewal, Grove Books 2016 S 136 

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The following is an excerpt from the introduction to 'Into the Garden': 

The garden and its cultivation, provide abundant metaphors on the Kingdom of God, exemplified so well by Jesus in his parables in the ways he used illustrations from nature and the language of farming to awaken inquiry and to impress His truth upon people’s hearts.

The heart could be seen as the inner garden and it is here where God wants to meet us and transform us into becoming our true selves in Christ.

My Father is the gardener…

Vineyards-2010-091[1]Engagement with the gardening related metaphors in God’s love story for humankind, and opening one’s heart to some spiritual gardening with Jesus, can be dynamically activated through practical gardening activities, combined with intentional accompanying reflection and prayer.

'Central to Christian spirituality is the fact that through Christ, the true vine, we, the Gentile branches, are grafted into the Jewish blessing, ‘the spreading vine’. Within their spiritual heritage, and our own journey in Christ, we find inviting mysteries and graphic illustration of God’s providential love and care communicated through cultivation practices and metaphors. God offers us cultivation, and the language of the garden, as a blueprint for making sense of kingdom living through intimate relationship with Christ'