Seasonal Treasure Reflections

Seasonal Treasure Reflections in video MP4 format, are designed for ease of use indoors or outdoors. They include images, short videos, words from the Christian Bible, quotes, poetry, prayers, suggestions for creativity and reflective questions to help you enjoy moments of solitude, or alongside others, nurturing your spirituality and wellbeing. Themes are inspired by the seasonal beauty of nature and cultivation in gardens, vegetable plots, fields and woodlands and the spiritual parallels that they suggest.

Reflections as a mini-retreat

A retreat or a quiet time are terms used to describe time set apart to think, pray and reflect and to reconnect spiritually. For some this might be with life’s circumstances, hopes, dreams, joys and sorrows, for others this might also be with God or the Divine. Choosing to make time to reflect is a gift that enables you to listen inwardly, 'with the eyes and ears of your hearts’, to recalibrate and become aware of deeper thoughts, to explore spiritual connections and to listen outwardly towards others and the world...

Guidelines for Use

The video format allows you to pause the reflections at any point so that you can take more time with the scriptures, poetry and reflective questions, or if the weather allows, to go into an outdoor area or a garden.  Use the blue slider at the bottom of each video to reverse or forward the video. We currently offer two versions of the reflections: voice over with gentle instrumental music or a silent version.

A PowerPoint version of the resource to enable printing out of individual reflections is available on request. If this is of interest please contact us via the form at the bottom of this page.  We also suggest laminating the reflections to make them more durable and usable outdoors as well as easy to clean.

Inviting Feedback

We hope you enjoyed these reflections and would be grateful if you could take a few moments to consider the questions below and email your responses via the form at the bottom-right of the page to help us improve our resources. The quickest way is to highlight, right click and copy the questions into the 'contact us' message box, add your responses and click submit.
  1. What did you enjoy or find helpful about Seasonal Treasure Reflections - Spring?
  2. Where did you use the resource e.g. indoors or outdoors or both?
  3. How did you access the reflections e.g. printed out slides from PPT or as a video (MP4), silent or voice over or both?
  4. How did you use the reflections e.g. individually or in a group and which ones e.g. reflection number?
  5. Please share any suggestions as to improvements we could make to the resource?
  6. Would you be interested in Seasonal Treasure - Summer Reflections?
Thank you for taking time to send us your feedback.
N.B.  This is a pilot process for these resources
We would be grateful if you could let us know if you would be interested in circulating the link 'Seasonal Treasure - Spring Reflections' to other people and encouraging them to send us comments. This is so that we can build a picture of who is using the resources.

Version: voiceover with gentle instrumental music 

Version: silent 

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