Questions To Consider

Pause for thought

  • How might you use areas of woodland, wetland or grassland for a Quiet Day on the theme of spiritual growth and renewal?

    A reflective 'Wonder' walk studying cloud formations

  • How might you host a walk with the Creator in different seasons, on a farm?
  • What possibilities are there for working in partnership with schools to use farmland for RE theological enquiries and reflective ‘Wonder–walks’ as part of their Collective worship?
  • Are there ways that farms can contribute to enquiry-based RE teaching and learning around key questions such as ‘What does the Bible teach about caring for Creation?
  • How has teaching on Christian responsibility towards Creation care influenced stewardship in farming and care for wildlife?
  • How does working on the land, through farming cycles and seasons help people understand the character and kingdom of God?
  • What themes from nature inspire or speak to you?
  • What illustrations from Creation could be used, as Jesus did, to engage others in considering how God might be speaking through Creation?
  • What other questions or ideas do you have - please contact us by emailing or click here