Community Engagement Ideas

Community Engagement

Gardening The Heart can support churches in facilitating community projects using collaborative creativity workshops, seasonal quiet days and gardening activities as effective ways of engaging with their local communities. We are experienced in working with churches, for example in facilitating partnership enrichment with schools, building relationships with families, supporting and resourcing initiatives with young Mums with children and the elderly, working with young people.


school assembly as part of a Parable themed day

Church and school partnerships 

Gardening The Heart offers churches facilitation and resources to enrich partnerships with their local schools through:

  • Collective worship materials on parable, cultivation and seasonal themes for use indoors and outdoors
  • practical help with design and use of parable themed prayer gardens as a resource for creative engagement with Jesus’s teaching and spirituality
  • joint planning and facilitation of whole school creativity workshops and reflection on parable and tree of life themes,  exploring Christian distinctiveness, ethos and character education Read more…

Inclusive collaborative projects and artwork

Each little flower that opens...collaborative collage St Mary's Charlbury

Each little flower that opens…collaborative collage

Young mums and toddlers, teenagers and the elderly can benefit from the freedom of engaging in individual and collaborative artwork to express their creativity and explore spirituality in accessible ways.  Parable Garden can help provide practical support and resources to start initiatives or contribute to existing ones.

For example a recent project involved supporting St Mary’s Church, Charlbury, Oxfordshire in integrating a collaborative collaging activity into a church service as part of a Mother’s Day celebration. Read more…

Parable Prayer Gardens and Communal Gardening

Developing a themed reflective area of the churchyard offers scope for building community through gardening activities as well as creative and accessible tools for discipleship for all ages.

Collaborative gardening activities planting seeds, watering, pruning and harvesting are fun ways of engaging more deeply with Jesus teaching on the Kingdom of God, for example the Parable of the Sower. Group activity and reflection can work well – for example harvesting and pruning a vine reveals deeper truths from Jesus’s teaching on the The Vine in John 15. Additional opportunities offered by parable themed planting and resources:


sowing seeds of hope

  • worship outdoors and story-telling alongside gardening, for example, the Parables of Jesus.
  • reflective walks with the Creator
  • seasonal reflection through creativity and gardening to enrich spiritual journey