Parable-themed days for Primary schools


shared creativity – making props for The Sower’s Garden as part of a parable-themed day

We are currently working in partnership with Launton C of E Primary and their local church supporting them on their journey in exploring Christian distinctiveness, ethos and spirituality. A parable-themed day began with an assembly introducing the parables and linking them to school ethos, character education and spirituality. Reflective story-telling, collaborative banner-making, clay work and gardening activities formed a carousel of activities which pupils participated in sequence throughout the day. This provided a rich creative starting point to this stage of their journey and enabled children of every age from Nursery to Year 6 to create and reflect together.

2015-08-27 14.32.30

stunning sunflowers – part of a science experiment

Every child contributed to the creation of four beautiful banners from start to finish, each depicting a different parable: the Sower, the Good Shepherd, the talents and the mustard seed.  These banners form a central focus in the school hall along with the values display in the entrance way to remind pupils, staff and parents of the stories of Jesus that inspire their learning, spirituality and community life.

Beautiful raised beds and planters around the school filled with seasonal plants and flowers are the result of the hard work and creativity of the school’s gardening club led by committed leaders from the school staff.  Vibrant seasonal displays of daffodils in spring and an incredible variety of sunflowers which were grown as a science experiment, bring colour and life to the school grounds and passers by. Tucked away in a quiet corner is ‘The Sower’s Garden’ which has clay fantastical coloured seeds, birds, corn on the cob and thistle cane tops symbolising different parts of the parable. The words of the parable have been written by pupils onto pebbles which will be laid along the edge of the garden path.  The garden development is a work in progress and will be returned to at different stages of the school year, linked to the parable, seasons and the church calendar.  Activities in the garden during the school year can be used as tools for class reflection.  Read more…

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