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volunteers preparing the ‘Parable Garden’ area

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March 2017 – Our Parable Garden Action Day

A good afternoon was had by all at the first meeting of the parable garden at Ilminster on Saturday 11 March at a nearby allotment of land. The land is beautifully set on a hillside with a cross shaped path in the middle.

A small group of friends, children and adults from St Mary’s Church accompanied by spades, forks and trowels, set on the land to dig the soil, after throwing off the weed suppressant material, with thoughts of new life during lent, interspersed with reflections from the bible and calming meditation and prayer.

We shared the parable of the mustard seed with the children while they had a refreshment break and Lydia also took them on a tour of the garden pond area which enabled them to engage in learning about ponds and their wildlife.  Contact Sarah Milrose, 07342930699 for further details.

April 2017 onwards…

God has been so gracious and has generously provided good fruit in our hearts by His gentle tending and care.  Over the months some seedlings struggled, like us in our lives, and failed to live but we persisted in starting again with some seeds so that our perseverance paid off.  Most plants flourished and bore fruit.  God gardens our hearts, he tends us and he reaps and harvests our souls with his amazing love.  Each seed is special, just as each individual person is so special to him.  When we collect the first fruits of the harvest we give him thanks and offer them up to him.

Vegetables grown included courgettes, squash, beetroot, cabbage, carrots, parsnips, salad, maize, barley, peas, runner beans, potatoes and leeks.  Plants that grew best were beans, courgettes, squash and beetroot.  It was wonderful that some of the harvest was shared at the ‘Food Share’ programme in Ilminster, an outreach to those in need.

Fruit trees grown included red currant, black currant and fig tree.  Wild flowers and a selection of perennials were also sown, including cornflowers, stocks, rosemary, lavender, fennel, nasturtium, sunflowers, nigella, geraniums, lily of the valley and hebe.

On Saturday 21st October 2017, friends of the garden gathered for some more weeding and digging and we completed the ‘cross’, a series of beds that form a cross in plan.  Two apple

Planting an apple tree at Ilminster parable garden

trees and twelve daffodils(representing the 12 disciples) were also planted.  A winter BBQ is planned for December 30th.’

Sarah Milrose, garden coordinator

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