Community update

Community update – Autumn 2017

Hosting a programme of quarterly seasonal events in our homes this year, including shared meals with a seasonal reflection, walks and creativity evenings, has been a lovely way to build community. At our first creativity evening in October we enjoyed making grape juice and herb bags.

An autumn walk in local woodland helped us appreciate the beauty of trees with leafless branches, leaves carpeting the ground with a rich mulch and the biodiversity of ancient pathways sheltered by overgrown hedgerows which were laden with hips and haws.

Cultivating the Parable Prayer Garden continues to reap rewards:  learning new skills, enjoying home grown produce and spiritual nourishment. We hope more people from the local community will be inspired to join us in 2018.

A shared daily prayer rhythm  helps us to keep to our core vision as well as being unifying and a spiritual support for team members.

Parable Prayer Garden, November 2017

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