St George’s Southall

lesson on the vine St Georges sm

a lesson from the vine

St George’s Church, Southall

‘Into God’s Garden’ pilgrimage as part of a family service

We had the privilege of leading interactive worship on the theme of ‘Into God’s garden’ with an all age congregation drawn from many different cultures.  We jointly planned the creative input with the vicar and contributed a short introduction to the theme followed by a thirty minute pilgrimage, in the place of a sermon, through a series of reflections and activities at different stations around the church space. These were inspired by scripture linked to the olive, fig tree and vine in the church garden. We had planned to use the outdoor garden areas on the day but it rained!

We provided a leaflet both as a practical guide for the pilgrimage and as a resource to support family and individual reflection on the different themes as well as participation in creative activities. People could choose where they began and ended their reflective journey.  The leaflet was designed to be used again.

Click here to see a copy of the ‘Into God’s Garden’ resource leaflet.

Feedback was very positive from everyone. Groups of mixed ages worked well because sobannermaking St Georges sm often the younger people offer fresh insight and encourage older people to join in, who are less used to interactive ways of participating. People wanted more time for each station which was positive. The church leader was very encouraged by the levels of participation from a congregation who were unused to creative reflection of this kind.