Cornerstone Church, Oxford

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planning a Parable Prayer Garden Cornerstone

Cornerstone Church, Oxford

Parable Garden has been helping Cornerstone Church (which is affiliated with the Assemblies of God), since 2014, in the following ways: preaching, leading family services, enriching character education and RE in the linked church school, developing a parable prayer garden, facilitating reflective activities as part of a ministry leader’s day.

Preaching on the following themes: ‘Born to be free’, looking at butterflies and their transformation and the parallels with our own spiritual lives, ‘The Parable of the Sower’ in Matthew 13 and “I am the true vine” from John 15.  Use of creative images and props has been a key feature of all these sermons. Leading a family service for example on Matthew 6 ‘Consider the bird and the lilies’,

Reflective Gardening 

More recently the church has asked Parable Garden to provide a reflective gardening exercise and follow up time for reflection for their Ministry Leader’s Retreat in Yarnton, Oxfordshire.  To read a copy of a review of the day click on the link .

Cornerstone are keen to continue the partnership and long term goals include growing a Parable Garden team in the church and supporting people using their various gifts, hosting Quiet Days and family creativity days and walks. Helping to provide material for holiday clubs and outreach to care homes, as well as continuing with creative teaching and preaching on the Kingdom of God are ongoing areas of partnership.

In addition Parable Garden has been supporting ethos enrichment for The Oxford Christian School, which is part of Cornerstone Church ministry. Click here to see a gallery of photos for this project work.